Tread Blaster - Nettoyeur chaussures à eau

Tread Blaster - Nettoyeur chaussures à eau


Le Tread Blaster est conçu spécialement pour enlever les saletés, les débris et les gravats des semelles de vos chaussures, sans mouiller le dessus de vos chaussures. Il est l'accessoire indispensable des terrains en...

You'll be happy you made this investment.

The Tread Blaster is uniquely designed to remove dirt and grit from your shoes without getting the tops of your shoes wet. A necessity for all facilities with clay courts. Easy to install, all you need is access to water and a hose with a spigot that provides a pressure of 30 to 60 psi. 

Cleans dried-on surface material

Cleans the spaces between the grips

Keeps the tops of your shoes, socks and pant legs dry

Uses very little water (less than 1 gallon per pair of shoes)

Works on virtually all sizes of shoes from small children on up

Saves time over other shoe cleaning methods and is more convenient

Cleans all types of shoes

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